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If you believe that cosmetic surgery is something that you will be seeking, especially if it will be more than once, then it’s a good idea to establish a relationship with a good plastic surgeon. Though simply finding an experienced, reputable doctor in the first place is important, building a good rapport with him can be important too.

Choosing Your Doctor

Before you can build a good relationship with a plastic surgeon, you have to find one first. If you have a regular one that you trust, then the first thing that you might want to do is ask him or her for a referral. Many doctors form an association with one or more physicians who perform cosmetic procedures in case any of their regular patients ever need help in that area. You can also call an organization for your state or county that lists doctors who specialize in cosmetic procedures. You can usually find an organization like this, and besides listing doctors who are local to you, they’ll list such things as experience and credentials, which is helpful.

Building a Relationship

Once you’ve found a plastic surgeon that you feel is qualified enough to perform cosmetic procedures on you, the first thing that you want to do is schedule an initial consultation. Sometimes, even though he is experienced and reputable, you may find that the chemistry between you simply isn’t right. If you don’t find that to be the case, however, then your consultation should go well. Use this time to ask questions and voice concerns about any cosmetic procedures you are considering having. You want the doctor to get to know you as much as possible, because it will help him or her treat you more effectively.

Periodic Assessment

People can change and their priorities can change. Your plastic surgeon is subject to this just like anyone else. Assess your relationship with your doctor periodically to be sure that it is still working for you. He or she may have started concentrating more on specializing in one area over others, or may have decided to travel more and is therefore less available. These things happen, and at some point you might need to decide whether finding another doctor is a good idea. Having a good relationship with a plastic surgeon can go a long way in helping you to feel confident about any procedures that you want to have done. If you truly like and respect your doctor, you are going to be more inclined to follow instructions! Choose wisely and be open about who you are and what you need.